Checking Your InnovidXP Web Tracker

Description: This article is for Account Executives, Account Managers, and clients and contains steps to check if your InnovidXP web tag is firing.

Note: The TCF is designed to help all parties in the digital advertising chain ensure that they comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Directive. Our web response tracker is available in a TCF-compliant version. Refer to the IAB TCF support materials for more details.

Note: For Account Executives and Account Managers to check the collectorID (sometimes called the portal ID), search the platform by client name. If you do not see the collectorID, contact InnovidXP support.

The steps below describe how to check if a website is tagged with the InnovidXP web tracker. 

  1. Open the Inspect tool:
    • Using Google Chrome, right-click anywhere on the client’s website.
    • Select the Inspect option within the pop-up.
    • Go to the Network tab in the panel that appears on the right-hand side.
    • In the Filter textbox on the left, filter by entering “tv2”.

  2. Check if the web tracker is firing:
    • While viewing the Network tab, refresh the page. Refreshing the page after entering "tv2" in the Filter text box lets you see if the web tracker is firing, as the tracker only fires on a page load. If the web tracker is implemented correctly, two line items will load within the Name field.
    • Find the collectorID of the client’s website within the Network tab (e.g., The highlighted portion within the above image shows the collectorID. Ensure it corresponds to the ID within the platform (e.g., 1234).
      • If the tracker firing corresponds with the identified client collectorID and tv2track.js is firing with no errors within the client’s website, the tracker is firing successfully.
      • If the tracker firing has a different ID from the client's website, contact InnovidXP support. 

Note: If the web tracker is not firing on the website, if your Network tab does not load line items or display correctly, there may be an issue, contact InnovidXP support.

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