Description: This article describes how to add and track smart actions, how to add advanced actions, and place advanced action tags.

About Actions

The Page Visits option is selected by default, and this cannot be changed as we need this as a minimum.

There are two other actions set up already for you to select and track:

  • Sign-up Form Completion: measure all customers who submit the "Sign-up" form.
  • Purchase Completion: measure all customers who complete a purchase and are forwarded to the "Thank you" page.

If you want to track a different action, you can add a new one. We recommend you track no more than three actions per campaign.

Tracking Smart Actions

Smart actions capture data every time a visitor accesses a page. These are preferable as they are quicker to implement and edit and less likely to produce errors during setup. However, they do not capture detailed information, for example, revenue from a sale.

Note: Depending on what you want to track, sometimes advanced actions are necessary. You can enable options to install advanced actions and capture more detailed information. More work is required by the customer to set these up and by Innovid to check they are correct. For more details, see Tracking Advanced Actions below.

To track a smart action

Select the checkbox for the action, for example:

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 12.02.30.png

The URL Associated with Action field is displayed, if this option has been enabled for this partner.
We recommend you add at least one or two URLs so we can track specific pages for the action.

To add a new action

  1. Select Add New Action and enter a name and a description. Ensure the description specifies exactly which page(s) should have the action applied:

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 12.19.42.png

  1. Select Add This Action. The new action will be added to the page:

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 12.19.11.png

  1. Make sure the new action is selected to be tracked, and add one or more URLs for each new action.

Tracking Advanced Actions

This task explains making your actions advanced to capture more detailed information, such as revenue or user IDs. You can track smart actions (see above) or use advanced actions.

To track an advanced action

Picture 1.jpg

  1. Add an action, as described above, or select an existing action and select the Settings cog.
  2. Enable the parameters to include when tracking, for example:

    Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 12.21.13.png

Note: If this partner has URLs enabled for actions, when you select the settings cog to make an action advanced, the URL fields are hidden as these no longer apply.

Placing Advanced Action Tags

This task describes placing advanced action tags after the onboarding process. Advanced action tags are optional and capture further data and must be added to specific pages to measure what actions visitors complete on your website or app.

For more information, see Quick Tagging Guide.

Advanced actions:

  1. Advanced actions are usually identified during onboarding, but if not, identify the web actions you want to analyze on the platform. Commonly tracked actions include: Sale, Registration, or Donation.
    Note: If you have a strict sales funnel, (e.g., Add to Basket -> Checkout -> Conversion), deploy separate tags for each action and contact the Innovid Support team to set up the funnel.
  2. For each action, copy the code below and replace the <ACTIONNAME> placeholder with a string containing its name, for example, var actionname = 'sale'.
  3. Add extra value to your analysis by adding variables to the action tag parameters as appropriate. Each parameter is indicated by a <PLACEHOLDER>. Descriptions can be found in the table below. 
  4. If you do not require a parameter, replace the parameter <PLACEHOLDER> with an empty string, e.g., var action = {'rev': ' ', 'prod': ' ', 'id': ' ', 'promo': ' '}. 
  5. Place the completed code ONLY on the page where the action occurs. For example, for action 'sale', the tag would typically be placed on the sales confirmation page.

Check your tags:

  • Once deployed, you can see the latest action data at Recent Collector Visits with Actions.
  • When the action tag has been live for a few days, confirm the traffic volumes on the raw responses page with the InnovidXP Support team.
  • Innovid can track actions that happen days and weeks after the initial response to a TV airing. This is called the lag period and is typically set to 14 days. Contact the InnovidXP Support team for further details.
  • Traffic classifications can be modified using the referrer rules section of the Raw Response Breakdown.


The following is a list of parameters you must replace in the code before compiling and deploying.

Parameter Description Format
<USEREF> An internal user ID you have. String
<ACTIONNAME> The name of the action you are tracking. This must be included. String
<REVENUE> Any revenue generated by this action. Float
<PRODUCT> The product name for the action (e.g., gaming TV, gardening, electrical). Up to 15 different products can be tracked on the platform. String
<ACTIONID> An internal ID for the action (e.g., order number). String
<PROMOCODE> Promo code associated with the action, i.e., when using promo codes in TV spots. String


Action code

Copy the code below for each action you want to track:

Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 15.01.09.png

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