Description: This article compares InnovidXP's approach to our three key methodologies: Spike linear model, impression-based linear, and CTV/OTT.

  Spike Model Impression-based Model CTV / OTT
Description 1 spot aired on live TV with 1 million viewers seeing it at the same time.

1 spot aired on live TV with viewers viewing at the same time.

Innovid takes a unified approach, combining total response measurement with household-level impression data.

Innovid uses the total response measurement to ensure complete coverage of all responses and then applies impression-level data to cross-validate and isolate the precise uplift driven by a TV campaign.

1 impression sent to 1 million individual households who view it at different times.


Spike model:


Chart, histogram

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1:1 mapping with Vizio/Inscape panel (upscale factor is applied):


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1:1 mapping:



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Attribution window
Up to 15 minutes after the spot aired. Up to 7 days after the impression was delivered.

Response data Website first-party pixel or app integration.
Delivery data Spot data: post log file. Impression data: pixel on ad server.


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