Description: This article provides an overview of the InnovidXP extrapolation model and why it is used.

What is extrapolation?

Extrapolation involves estimating or predicting data points beyond the available observed data. Within the enhanced InnovidXP platform, extrapolation is applied to results in the Summary, Publisher Overlap, and Geography tabs. However, extrapolation is currently not applied to the Demographics tab, and only eligible impressions are used. Impression, frequency, and reach counts may, therefore, differ in this area.

NOTE: This reach extrapolation methodology was tested and validated using simulated datasets representing real-world data but with known “unmatched” households.

Eligible impressions

Eligible impressions are impressions that can be matched to the household identity graph that powers measurement. Not every impression can be confidently assigned to a household due to missing or unreliable data. An example of unreliable data might be a high volume of impressions all sharing the same IP address These unmatched impressions are referred to as ineligible impressions.


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