Description: This article explains how responses are captured and calculated in InnovidXP.

The term response is used to define attributed sessions to an ad spot across multiple mediums. A session is a period of engagement with the brand across any medium, i.e., Web, App, Phone, or SMS. Every time a user has an interaction with the website or the app, a 30-minute session timer begins. If they have another interaction, for example, click to a new page within that 30 minutes, the timer restarts. If they are inactive for 30 minutes, the session expires.

Example Scenario

The following example scenario is used in this article to detail how responses, and the resulting sessions, are gathered and calculated. This scenario also demonstrates how proportions are worked out and upscaled to ensure accurate metrics for the full viewing population. 

Overview of timeline

Day 0 Day 2 Day 5 Day 6, Day 7
Advert airs

Customer visits the website and a session is captured.

Same customer visits again, another session captured. No further sessions by this customer are captured.

Expected visits based on the control group. 

Expected visits compared to actual visits = Proportion of incremental visits.

Proportion of incremental visits is calculated again and now could be different and lower.  

Proportion applied to the session.



What happens when

Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 09.20.56.png


For the ad that aired on Day 0 we attributed x responses. The constituent parts of this number get upscaled separately to the full viewing population, i.e., y on Day 2 and z on Day 5. A multiplier is calculated based on the ratio between the sample size covered by the Samba viewership panel and the size of the TV viewing population.

Note on actions

When IP address ABC visits the website, a cookie is placed on the device used. This is then used to track a conversion, for example, a purchase, after every attributed session. The number of days that a conversion is tracked after the cookie is placed is configurable with the default being 14 days. In the example scenario outlined above, it would be Day 5+14.

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