FAQs: Managing Dashboards

Description: This article lists commonly asked questions when using Dashboards.

Why are some widgets visible but cannot be added to a dashboard?

Some widgets available on the platform are designed for a particular data type.

If you cannot add some of the available widgets to your dashboard, for example, the screen times out or nothing appears when you try to insert a widget, it may be because your platform does not include the appropriate data required to display these widgets. 

There are other dashboard widgets available that are more suited to your data, and you can add these instead.

Can I customize my dashboard?

For specific editions of InnovidXP, you may be able to customize your dashboard. Please get in touch with your account manager to ensure you are on the correct edition of InnovidXP for customizations.

Once you have confirmed you have the correct edition of InnovidXP, click the ‘+’ tab on the dashboard view to configure charts to be displayed at the top level.

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