InnovidXP Impression Data Guide

Description: This document is for MVPDs and details what is required to provide when sending customer linear and/or streaming impression data to InnovidXP to ensure advertisers receive meaningful campaign insights.

What is required

Innovid requires specific information to be categorized, for example, impressions/households/control groups. If these are different for linear and digital, this must be clearly separated. 

The following table lists the minimum data required:

Column Details Format
Impression timestamp In UTC, but if this is not possible, add a column for time zone. YYYY/MM/DDThh:mm:ss or
Impression type Identifies the type of impression in this row of the file. Text, e.g., linear / OTT
Impression region Market Area code or similar. 3-digit region code, e.g., 500, 501
or region string, e.g., US/west-coast/los-angeles-ca
Subscriber/household identifier Unique account ID, which identifies the user. Alphanumeric ID


  • If sending subscriber/household IDs, we also need a mapping file with the IP address of the subscriber/household so we can link the impression to the response
  • For linear impression data, we also require a file with a full list of subscribers/households, including each subscriber/household’s Market Area code or region string
IP Address column If subscriber/household ID and mapping file are not possible. IP address
Advertiser ID If sending impressions for multiple clients in one file, we need to be able to identify which impressions are for which client. Alphanumeric ID
Campaign ID Used to link to control group information Alphanumeric ID


Additional data

Beyond the minimum data required outlined above, provide as much additional data as possible, such as Network, Channel, Program, Genre, and Product.

Include the following information for each column:

  • Format (e.g., alphanumeric)
  • Definitions, for example, if a column means something different for linear or streaming impression data

How to deliver the data

The data can be provided in a flat CSV, comma/pipe separated, and should be compressed as a GZIP file and sent to an S3 location (Innovid can help you with this).

Information for data interpretation

Provide the following details for each file so the data can be processed effectively (you can complete the form below and send it to Innovid):

  • Any extrapolation that must be applied to an impression. For example, if you are providing a small dataset and want to see national results, we can upscale an impression as part of our modeling.
  • Whether you will provide us with Holdout Groups for streaming/VOD/digital impressions and/or a Control Group for linear impressions. Innovid uses these groups to ascertain the probability that an ad drove a visit to the customer site.
    If you are unable to provide a Control Group for linear, Innovid can create one but you must provide a list of subscribers and corresponding Market Area codes, as detailed in the table above.
  • How empty fields will be displayed and how Innovid should treat them, i.e., whether they should be dropped, merged, or used as is.
  • How often impressions will be delivered.
  • How often the subscriber file will be updated.
  • Whether the file will contain both linear and streaming impressions.
  • Whether the file will include control data and impression data, or these will be provided separately.
  • How the file will be organized, for example, one row corresponds to one impression.
  • Size of holdout groups, e.g., 5% of the user base.


The following are assumed to be true:

  • Any filtering rules to filter out invalid or duplicate data are already applied prior to sending the file.
  • Households in a holdout group have not been exposed to any impressions.
  • Holdout groups should be from the same region as the households that are served the impressions.

Example - Data information form

Please complete as much information as possible.

See the complete list in Information for data interpretation above for more details. 

For ease of use, the editable form is available here.

Impression Data File Information for <enter client and/or file name>
Current Date: <date>

Extrapolation details:



Holdout Groups included Y/N Control Group included Y/N

Empty fields format:



How Innovid treats empty fields:

How often impressions will be delivered:



How often the subscriber file will be updated:


Linear impressions only Y/N Streaming impressions only Y/N Both Y/N
Control and impression data included Y/N Control and impression data separate Y/N

How is the file organized?:



Provide the size of Holdout Groups (if applicable):




Impression Data File Information for <enter client and/or file name>
Current Date: <date>

Further information:












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