Description: This article explains how to enable and display the Newsfeed page and view notifications.  


To enable the Newsfeed function in InnovidXP, please contact Innovid at the following email address:

When the Newsfeed function is enabled, a bell icon, Bell icon.png is displayed in the main menu. Select this icon to view your Newsfeed page, which displays notifications about spots.

Note: If you want to include a Daily Digest notification (daily summary of events) please request that feature via the above email address, otherwise you will only receive spot updates.

The Newsfeed page lists notifications about what is happening within InnovidXP and contains links to relevant information. 

If there are new or unread notifications, the bell icon will have a red dot in the corner: Notification dot.png

All notifications are listed on the Newsfeed page, for example:

Newsfeed image 1.png

Use the navigation buttons below the list to view more or fewer notifications at one time and to scroll forwards and back.

There are currently three types of notifications:

  • Spot Upload: keeps you updated on the status of your spot upload
  • Daily Digest: a summary of notifications for each day - this is an extra feature that you can enable by contacting
  • Product News: informs you of the latest product news with links to the most recent articles

To view more details, select the Expand icon (+) next to the notification, for example:


Newsfeed image 2.png
Some notifications contain links to other documents, such as reports.

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