Description: Interest in a solution that addresses privacy compliance and data reliability concerns has prompted us to develop a mechanism that can automatically filter metrics from the InnovidXP Pivot area based on predefined criteria (thresholds). 

This feature allows you to set a threshold for the number of impressions or households and for the number of responses and hide values that fall below the defined threshold within the InnovidXP Pivot area. For example, data within Pivots or Dashboards may be restricted based on rules around data granularity to meet privacy compliance needs. 

The threshold must be set up during the platform configuration. Contact InnovidXP Support or your Account Manager if you would like to configure a threshold.


  • Only components that access data via the Spot Pivot API are affected, e.g., InnovidXP Pivot area
  • The solution for household granularity is an estimate of households driving each metric split
  • The <=65 metric threshold is specific to the scenario below; there will be different user-dependent threshold needs.


When set-top box data is being used, partner specific privacy compliance requirements must be met. InnovidXP cannot display attributed metrics under a certain threshold as part of these requirements. For this scenario, this threshold is 65 households. This means that we cannot display metrics that are less or equal to 65, nor can we utilize any calculations that involve 65 households or fewer. 

This is expected to occur only when the user looks at more finely-grained data, and the solution does support any combination of splitting data (rows and columns) and data filtering.

Metrics will not be displayed if the data meets any of the following criteria, nor can  you apply splits, rows, columns, and filters:

  • Total attributed response <= 65
  • Total attributed KPI / Action <= 65
  • Total attributed response > 65, but the total HH reach that drove those conversions  <= 65
  • Total attributed KPI / Action > 65, but the total HH reach that drove those conversions <= 65

The following table shows the row for channel B would be excluded due to the household threshold, and the row for channel D would be excluded due to the response threshold. This is because, in both cases, the amounts are less than 65.

Date Channel Creative Response c_hhcount  
2023-01-01 A Creative1 345.4 864  
2023-01-01 B Creative1 105.4 19 EXCLUDED
2023-01-01 C Creative1 77.8 122  
2023-01-01 D Creative3 64.3 89 EXCLUDED
Total     423.2 986  


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