Description: This article describes charts, and how they can be created, saved, and exported to different formats. There is also a section on how to save data as a Report.

A Chart is a visualization of the data in a Pivot table. There are different types of Charts available to suit different types and volumes of data. Charts can show you what you want to know in a more presentable format, which you can save, share, and export.

The best way to add a Chart in InnovidXP is to create a new Pivot and save it as a Chart. It is then added to the Chart Library.

This is an example of how to create a Chart showing cost per response by daypart:

  1. Select Analysis from the main menu to display the Analyze Data screen.

  2. Select the Create new Pivot link to display the New Pivot screen.

  3. In the Rows dropdown, select Daypart.

  4. In the Metrics dropdown, deselect Spend. The metrics Response and Cost per Response are selected by default.

  5. Select the Create chart icon to display the Chart options.

  6. Select the type of Chart you want to create from the dropdown. The Bar Chart option is selected as the default.

  7. Choose Daypart for your x-axis by clicking in that column.

  8. Choose Response for your y-axis by clicking in that column. You can select more than one option for your y-axis.

  9. Select Create Chart to display the Pivot Chart on a new screen. You can optionally scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Edit Chart to display more options:
    ​​Note: Make sure you save any changes by selecting Update Chart.

  10. Select the ellipsis button and select Save to save your new Chart. The Save To Chart Library popup screen is displayed, for example:


  1. Complete the Title and Description fields, select the visibility level for the new Chart, and select Save.

    The new Chart will be saved in the existing Charts Library (Analysis > Explore existing Charts).

Exporting a Chart

This task describes exporting a Chart as a PowerPoint presentation, PDF, PNG, or CSV.

  1. Select Analysis > Chart Library and select the Chart you want to export.
  2. Select the Download button and select a format:

          Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 10.49.02.png

The Chart will be downloaded to your device in the selected format.

Note: You can also export a Report as a CSV (Select Analysis > Reports and select a Report).

Creating Reports

This task describes creating a Report from a Pivot table or starting afresh in the New Report screen.

Creating a Report from a Pivot

When viewing data as a Pivot, switch to the Report (traditional table) view to display a screen that lets you build and save a Report based on the current data selection.

Creating a report.png

You can change the order of the data, customize, save, and export the Report. Reports are saved in the Reports library in the Analysis area.

Creating a Report in the New Report page

Select Analysis > Reports > Create New Report to display the New Report page.

New report.png

Make sure you select your desired rows or only metric totals of all spots will be displayed. Add columns so that you can customize the metrics and add a split.

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