DescriptionThis article explains the Manage Client Groups page, creating a new client group and how client group filters work.

Note: These tasks can only be done by an Admin user.

The Manage Client Groups page is available on Atlas and Enterprise editions of the InnovidXP platform. You can use it to create customized groups of clients with a common influence, for example, in the same geographical area. Manage Client Groups lets you apply filters and toggle between the groups you create to view one data set at a time.

Creating a new client group

This task describes how to create a new client group. You can create as many different client groups as you want and include as many clients as you want in each group. We recommend you give your new group a title that reflects the filters you include.

Note: The following default groups can’t be edited:

  • No Account Mgr: includes all your current clients
  • VIP Clients: includes all clients flagged as “VIP” in Salesforce

1. In the platform, select Manage Client Groups from the Client Group menu, located in the top left of the menu bar:

2. In the Manage Client Groups page, select Create New Group to display the Create New Group options:

3. Enter a name in the Name Your Client Group field.

4. Use one or more filters to refine the group: select Add Filter to display the filter options, for example:

5. Select a filter to add. For example, select Country to add a Country filter. The new filter will be added, with all options selected by default, for example:

6. Deselect options you don't want to apply to your new group. Only those selected will apply. For this example, all countries have been deselected except for the US:

7. Select Save New Group to save. ​​​​The new client group will be displayed on the left-hand side, ready to use for analysis. You can edit groups at any time.

Note: You can add more filters for this group to make it more specific, but make sure you give the group a meaningful title to reflect the filters you have selected.

The page will update with your changes.

How client group filters work

There are a couple of points to remember when you are creating or editing a client group and adding filters. The following examples explain how the filters work.

Example 1 

A new client is added, and the selected country is, for example, France. 

The client is automatically included in any client group with the Country filter added and France (FR) selected: 

Managing client goups example 1.png

Example 2

A new client is added during onboarding, and the selected country is, for example, the United Kingdom (i.e., not France).

The client will not appear in any client group with the Country filter added and France (FR) selected:

managing client groups example 2.png

Example 3

A client group is created, and a filter is added, for example, to include clients in the Automotive sector only. A new client is onboarded in the Home Improvements sector.

The client’s data will not be visible when analyzing data for the Automotive client group:

Managing client groups example 3.png

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