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Description: This article contains details on the first- and third-party cookies that are placed when using our web tracker to measure website or app visits.

Note: The TCF is designed to help all parties in the digital advertising chain ensure that they comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Directive. Our web response tracker is available in a TCF-compliant version. Refer to the IAB TCF support materials for more details.


When our customers or their advertisers place the InnovidXP web tracker on their website, the cookies we place (listed below) are used to count visitors and track individual users to provide measurement and attribution services.

Cookie usage

The following table lists the cookies that users may find on their browsers (depending on settings) after navigating to one of our customer’s (or their advertiser’s) websites:

Cookie Type Expires Purpose
_pk_uid Third Party Persistent 2 years Allows the InnovidXP tracker to identify individual users, establish lag between response activities, and confirm the continuity of campaigns being responded to.
_pk_id or _tq_id First Party Persistent 2 years Aids reporting of site visits and actions for analytical reporting to Innovid.
_pk_ses First Party Session 30 minutes Confirms an individual user in relation to an individual session, i.e., how long the user is on the website.


Opt-out responsibility

For opt-out, the website owner must ensure that their visitors can opt out of any cookies or tracking as part of using their website.

Additional guidance

End users may also wish to manage their cookies wider through their browser or operating system settings on their computer or device. They can find instructions on how to do this through their browser or operating system.

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