Getting Started: Privacy and Security

Description: This section provides information on our privacy and security policies, including: 

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Measuring in Privacy Environments (including Apple Private Relay and VPNs)

Provides information about Apple Privacy Relay changes and how they impact InnovidXP. It also provides an overview of Innovid’s planned improvements relating to IP obfuscation due to the industry-wide changes.
About our Web Tracker Cookies Gives information on how our web tracker uses cookies.
InnovidXP Privacy Compliance Explains the compliance status of InnovidXP relating to CCPA Opt-Out Compliance, TCF Compliance, and GDPR Compliance.
IPv4 vs. IPv6 Overview Discusses the differences between the two protocols and outlines the InnovidXP methodology regarding these protocols.
FAQs: Privacy and Security Answers commonly asked questions about InnovidXP privacy and security.


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