Introduction To Innovid Dynamic Creative

There are a lot of different terms in the industry that are used interchangeably for dynamic creative (such as data-driven creative, programmatic creative, responsive creative, etc). The most common of them – DCO – is used to describe not only the technology but the outcome. Which leads a lot of marketers to question – what exactly is DCO?

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

DCO is a technology that uses data to inform and optimize creative elements and messages. DCO is largely made up od three things: data, content, and strategy

Data: This is the signal or signals that are used to inform creative changes. Open APIs, licensed and publicly accessible data feeds can all be used – in addition to data that is owned directly by the brand. 

Content: Content is a fancy way of saying creative assets. These are the elements within the dynamic ad experience and may contain images, videos, messaging, audio - you name it.

Strategy: Strategy is the combination of Data + Content – and the glue of DCO. It defines which piece of content should change according to which piece of data. 

In the following articles, you’ll learn the different tools and techniques that allow Innovid to excel at dynamic strategies and how our various tools can streamline your workflow.

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