Uploading Phone/SMS Response Files

Description: This article describes creating, formatting, and uploading a phone/SMS response file. 

If you need to manually upload a phone or SMS response file, you can upload the data in a flat CSV, XLS, XLSX, ZIP, TAR, or GZ file.

InnovidXP can accept the file in the following grouping formats:

  • Individual: this consists of a call-by-call / SMS breakdown of traffic, which can include user reference, promo code, call ID, and other information that can increase the accuracy of attribution or enable certain features, such as the lag model.
  • Summary: this consists of a minute-by-minute count of the number of calls/SMS and actions that occurred on your site or app.



To measure any actions other than web visits, for example, sales, registrations, etc., you must include these actions within the file. Each action can have several fields:

  • Action occurred (required)
  • Total spent by customer
  • Product type related to action: we recommend including less than 10 product types otherwise, they won’t load in the Pivot tables
  • Promocode used: promocodes are matched against the spot data and will result in much higher attribution

For each action; replace <ENTER ACTION> with the name of the action to be recorded. This name will be shown in the portal.

action_<ENTER ACTION> becomes action_sale with a value of 0 for no sale and 1 to indicate a sale has occurred.

The following tables list the required and optional column formats for actions:

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 17.06.00.png

Individual format

The date and time of a call/SMS are required as a minimum, but any additional information you can provide will add more value to the attribution. It is important to note that the DateTime format doesn't have to match the file exactly, but the format of YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss is the most acceptable for our platform, with the date and time separated by a T. For example, 2020-01-01T13:45:30 for January 1st, 2020, at 1:45:30PM. Make sure you include the in the DateTime format.

The following tables list the required, conditional (recommended), and optional column formats for sessions groupings:

Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 10.24.08.png

Matching promo codes and dialed numbers

To match promo codes and dialed numbers with your spot file, make sure the telephone number or promo code is mapped in the spot file. The format of the promo code/dialed number has to be identical to the format in your response file.
Matching for the promo code is only possible if the corresponding action happened within the session (a 1 in the 'action_<ACTION NAME>' column).

The matching option is only possible in Individual Format.


2024-02-16_14-47-34 now 2.jpg

Summary format

The other format we accept is a minute-by-minute count of the number of calls or SMS and actions that occurred on your site or in your app.  The only action metadata that can accompany this is ‘revenue_<ACTION NAME>', which corresponds to the total revenue for the actions taking place that minute.

The following table lists the required column formats for summary groupings:

Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 10.29.55.png


Summary SMS Response.jpg


If the data doesn't match your response file, try the following:

  • Make sure that the dialed number and promo code match the spot file format
  • Make sure that the corresponding action happened (contains a '1' for true in the Action column); promo codes can't be matched if the action did not happen 
  • Check the promo code: the default matching time range is 1 week, so if there was no spot with the response session promo code for 7 days, the session promo code won't get matched to any spot


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