Uploading Data Impression Mappings Files

Description: This article describes how to format and upload client and partner-level impression mappings data.

Formatting your file

You can upload the data in a flat CSV file. Ensure your file is cumulative, i.e., inclusive of all historical mappings.

Your file must be formatted correctly and according to our guidelines:

How should I format my impression data mappings file?
Include all required columns Use special characters in the field value, e.g., !,@,%
Ensure all columns have a header Mix data formats in a column
Ensure headers and field values match those in the examples exactly, including case  
Include only a header row and data within the file  


To view an example file in the platform, go to Data > Impressions > Upload Impression Mappings File.

Example file

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 10.37.08.png

Complete the fields in your data file according to the table below:

Title Column Name Description Format Accepted Values
Client Acc No client_acc_no This column will only accept a valid account number. Text InnovidXP account number.
Impression Type impression_type This column will only accept a value of vod. Text vod
Impression Field impression_field Values as shown in your impression pixel. Text placementgroup, publisher, creative, campaign, network
Field Value field_value This is the actual value that was returned via the impression pixel from your publishers. Text Value that currently appears in the InnovidXP platform.
Mapped Value mapped_value Value to replace field value. Text Value that should appear in the InnovidXP platform.
Discard Flag discard_flag

To discard the impressions associated with the field_value, enter TRUE.

Leave blank if you are not discarding impressions.

Boolean If discarding, enter TRUE. If leaving values as they are, leave this blank.
Date From date_from Start date of the creative. Date YYYY-mm-dd, dd/mm/YYYY
Date To date_to End date of the creative. Date YYYY-mm-dd, dd/mm/YYYY
Ordinal To Rename From
ordinal_to_rename_from Leave this blank.   Leave this blank.


Uploading your file

Note: If your file is formatted incorrectly, it will fail to upload. An error message will be displayed listing the reasons for the upload failure. Make the necessary changes to the file and try again. You can upload a client-level or partner-level file.

  1. Select Data > Impressions Upload Impression Mappings File (for client-level data) or Upload Partner Impression Mappings File (for partner-level data). The Upload Impression Mappings File screen is displayed, for example:

    Upload Impression Mappings File.jpg

  2. Click into the file types field to browse for the file.

  3. Select the file you want to upload, or drag and drop, and select Upload File. If your file is formatted correctly, the file will upload and an "Upload Complete" message will be displayed.
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