Description: This article gives an overview of InnovidXP, how it works, and how to log in to the platform.

Overview of InnovidXP

The InnovidXP platform can measure, attribute, and optimize TV advertising for linear, CTV, and digital video. It optimizes real-time results and is known for its media-unbiased approach, ensuring trustworthy and accurate results with data-driven reporting. The platform also leverages granular inter-publisher comparisons and uses measured outcomes to help users make strategic ad delivery decisions.

With InnovidXP, you can:

  • Measure TV advertising using different views of campaigns, creatives, and conversions.
  • Gain visibility with a flexible, always-on platform to capture converged insights.
  • Look into CTV via granular publisher vs. publisher breakdowns.
  • Maximize TV investment with always-on insights to inform continuous media and creative optimizations up and down the brand KPI funnel.

How does InnovidXP work?

InnovidXP allows advertisers to measure linear and digital TV advertising alongside one another — analyzing total reach and outcomes at scale via a unique, unbiased solution. Built to scale locally, nationally, and globally, InnovidXP helps use learnings in media and messaging strategy, automate insights into action, and instantly optimize campaign outcomes.

What we do

  • Measure unique reach and overlap of linear vs. streaming video.
  • Measure unique reach and overlap across and between individual media suppliers.
  • Evaluate which specific publishers, networks, and media partners drive the most – or least – impact to campaign outcomes.
  • Understand not only which media partners are top performers, but also the most cost-effective way to buy their inventory (supply path optimization).
  • See the immediate impact of your creative messaging by week, day, and even daypart.
  • Understand your universal cross-publisher ad frequency, enabling you to set more accurate frequency caps at the individual providers, platforms, or device level.
  • Measure any KPI from web visits to online sales, sign-ups, and app activity.


Innovid’s unified approach to linear TV attribution combines different models to deliver unparalleled accuracy and insight into overall TV performance for advertisers.

Our linear spike model measures the immediate response to traditional broadcast linear campaigns and works for any advertiser regardless of market size or campaign spend. It uses linear ad occurrence data in conjunction with online response data.

Our impression-based model measures the delivery and impact across linear and streaming campaigns using household-level data. It uses a range of impression-based datasets, including ad serving data from certified OTT/CTV publishers and platforms, as well as online response data.

For more information about these methodologies, see Approach to Linear TV Attribution.

How to login to InnovidXP

  • A system administrator adds you as a user in InnovidXP, and you will receive a confirmation email containing a login link.
  • Select the link and enter your username and password, provided in the confirmation email.
  • When you first login to the platform, the home screen is displayed, which looks something like this:

Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 14.44.45.png

Single Sign-on

Single sign-on (SSO) allows users to authenticate with a single ID/username/email and password to any of several related yet independent software applications.

Important: To use SSO, the user credentials must have the same domain as the existing email for the Innovid credentials.

To follow the steps to set up single sign-on, read Using Single Sign-on.

InnovidXP for ad serving

The InnovidXP platform has an enhanced UI with new metrics, including linear reporting such as reach and frequency by network, or creative, and expanded reporting of digital ad serving with outcomes.

For more information, see the InnovidXP User Guide.

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