Introduction To Innovid Interactive CTV

Video completes don’t necessarily mean that audiences watched your video. Interactive allows advertisers to go beyond the standard metrics of impressions and clicks to measure consumer behavior, capturing interactions, engagements, and overall time spent. No guesswork — just real audience engagement with your brand.

Interactive CTV allows you to leverage existing content such as product images, additional videos, website content, and more, to create multi-faceted experiences, driving engagement and creating a value-add experience for the viewer. Some experiences drive video completes, some drive conversions, and some even drive in-store traffic. Rest assured that no matter your business objective, Innovid has formats and features purpose-built to achieve your brand’s KPIs. 


Innovid’s CTV Composer

Unlike desktop and mobile, connected TV (CTV) devices lack video player and tag type standardization. As such, enabling the same interactive and personalized experiences across the growing streaming space requires the installation of proprietary code known as a Software Development Kit (SDK). Innovid’s CTV Composer is the solution to the industry’s lack of CTV standardization. Within the tool, designers and developers can build interactive and dynamic experiences in a matter of hours. Critically, ads developed using Innovid’s CTV Composer are built to communicate with our proprietary SDK, enabling one creative experience to run seamlessly across 25+ connected TV device types.

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Our CTV Composer is an easy and efficient way to develop various creative experiences, purpose-built for CTV. Learn more about getting started with Innovid’s CTV Composer here.


Interactive CTV Formats

Below are descriptions of the formats we see most commonly used. For a comprehensive list of specs for each one, please go to our page on Building & Publishing in CTV Composer, or for design tips, go to Interactive CTV Design Best Practices.

Branded Canvas: Allows the advertiser to place an image or series of images around the video as a branded skin, driving home brand messaging and prompting the user to click out to the brand’s site where applicable. 

Overlay: Allows the advertiser to place an image or series of images as an overlay on top of the video, driving home brand messaging and prompting the user to click out to the brand’s site where applicable. 

Mid/End Card: Appears in the middle or end of a video ad and functions as a mini playable or interactive unit that viewers can engage with if they choose to. 

Shoppable QR: Can come in the form of a canvas or overlay and is used to drive conversions to a brand’s site, product awareness, and sales. 

Dynamic: Ads that display different creatives and dynamic data throughout the ad based on certain inputs. Can be combined with any other format such as: expand, overlay, and canvas. 

Store Locator: A standard video is accompanied by a branded canvas featuring dynamic locations based on the viewer’s IP location. 

Extender: Near the end of the purchased paid media time, an overlay appears giving the user the option to extend the experience and continue watching. If clicked, the user is able to watch the spot to completion or close it at any time to immediately be taken to their content. 

Choice/Binge Based: Viewers can choose to watch one interactive ad in the beginning or have normal ad breaks during their show. 

TV2Mobile: Gives the audience an option of using their remote to deploy a fullscreen TV2Mobile Slate, which contains our SMS feature or a QR Code. 

Hotspots: Ads with interactive elements within a product tour that the user can select to engage in additional content or media. 

Gallery: Presents the viewer with a carousel of customizable products or imagery. 

Expand: Gives the audience an option of clicking to expand the video experiences or images and engage with numerous optional features, such as galleries, hotspots, etc.

Pause: A static advertisement takes over the screen after a video has been paused for more than a certain amount of time. 

Survey/Trivia: Overlay pop-ups after a pre-roll plays and viewers can engage with the quiz/survey CTV or skip the quiz/survey altogether. 

Light Engagement: A function in which viewers can browse through different overlay images on top of any pre-roll format.

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