Activating your Olympics Campaign with Innovid

Description: We are excited to announce that Innovid was again selected as an exclusive ad serving partner for the 2024 Summer Olympics, running on NBCU and Olympics partner sites! This article describes activating your Olympics campaigns with Innovid.

Getting started

To activate your Olympics campaign:
1. Contact Innovid’s dedicated Summer Olympics team at to tell us you are an advertiser for the 2024 Summer Olympics on NBCU.


Innovid will schedule a kick-off call with your team to provide the details on the specific processes and requirements. 

When the Olympics campaign is ready for traffic, submit it via Innovid’s Campaign Submission Form and include all required campaign material, including the media plan, approved creatives, third-party tracking, and integration details.

  • Our recommendation is to break out the Olympic placements into separate campaigns, with "Olympics" included in the campaign name.
  • Ensure the Olympics checkbox is selected in the Innovid Campaign Submission Form. Note: This will notify Innovid that this campaign is an Olympics campaign and will be prioritized accordingly. 
4. Innovid will review the submitted campaign materials and validate the required creative spec.
5. Innovid will traffic your Olympics campaigns and issue tags to media partners. 


Your team can monitor campaign performance within Innovid’s Analytics Dashboard when all tags have been issued to media partners. Your dedicated Innovid team will also monitor this as an added support layer. 

Note: If you are running with any additional third-party vendors, Innovid does not have insight into these dashboards, so you must review your vendor-specific dashboards to confirm activity.


NBCU and Innovid continue to work closely to ensure seamless campaign launches for Olympics advertisers. The requirements and specifics for Olympics campaigns are listed below:

  • 2024 Summer Olympics Spec Sheet
  • Universal Ad-IDs are not required but highly recommended for all campaign assets. 
  • NBCU requires that creatives with the same video duration be consolidated within a single VAST tag (except English/Spanish ones that should be broken out by language).
  • For Olympics placements running Programmatically through The Trade Desk, all creatives must be uploaded as new creatives for the Olympics Private Marketplaces (PMPs).
  • Ensure the Olympics checkbox is selected in the Innovid Campaign Submission Form.
    Note: This will notify Innovid that this campaign is an Olympics campaign and will be prioritized accordingly.

Important links

  • Innovid Campaign Submission Form: Use this to submit your new Olympics campaign or provide any updates to an existing campaign.
  • Innovid Analytics Dashboard: Use this to review your campaign performance by placement, creative, and device. To download a campaign report, select Export campaign summary from the ellipsis dropdown menu.


Need additional support from the Innovid team? 

Email us at, and we will be happy to help!


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