Understanding Innovid's Display & Audio Ads Spec

In an ever-changing world of digital advertising — it can be hard to keep up. Understanding the nuances of display specs is crucial for advertisers to ensure that their files meet the necessary requirements to run everywhere. This page outlines Innovid’s display requirements and relevant definitions. 

The differences between Standard and Rich Media display: 

Standard display creative:

  • A single .html, .gif, .png, or .jpg file format of usually 200K or less
  • Can be static or animated
  • Contains no video
  • Usually contains a single click-through covering the entire ad unit

Rich media creative:

  • Usually exceeds 200K
  • May use multiple files
  • May contain video
  • May include detailed tracking metrics on user interactivity
  • Contains multiple click-through links
  • May contain other special features (product carousel, store locator/map etc)

Required Display Specs

Innovid uses IAB spec to determine whether the ad weight is compatible with the ad size. Please note the spec validations for display should be used as a recommendation. IAB Spec is a standard in the industry, but there are publishers that are less strict than IAB and still approve creatives below these requirements.

Below is a list of IAB standard file sizes that Innovid supports:

Fixed Size Ad Specifications

Ad Unit Name Fixed Size (px)


Smartphone Banner 300x50 or 320x50
Leaderboard 728x90
Super Leaderboard/Pushdown 970x90
Portrait 300x1050
Skyscraper 160x600
Medium Rectangle 300x250
20x60 120x60
Mobile Phone Interstitial 640x1136 or 750x1334 or 1080x1920
Feature Phone Small Banner 120x20
Feature Phone Medium Banner 168x28
Feature Phone Large Banner 216x36

Check out the official IAB specs available here.

Need to upload a custom size for display? No problem.

  1. In the “Campaign Creatives” section, upload a display asset.
  2. On the “Display Upload” pop-up window, a dropdown will populate for Dimensions.  If this list does not contain the needed dimensions of the asset, the text box on the bottom can be used to create a new dimension.
  3. Any new dimensions that were used, and weren’t on Innovid’s dimensions list, will be added to the list automatically, for future use but only for the specific campaign.



Threshold: Innovid validates the ad weight determined by the dimension of the creative. This is called the threshold which consists of an initial load and sub load.

    • Initial-load: Minimum files necessary for completing the first visual of the ad (usually the Polite Image)
    • Sub-load: Includes the rest of the creative content, usually it refers to the Primary Asset

Ad threshold requirements vary according to ad dimension. For a list of the compatible threshold, please reference the official IAB specs available here.


Best Practices & Requirements for Display

Upon uploading your creative display unit to Innovid's platform, please provide a URL for the unit to click out to. This URL will be applied by Innovid across the entire creative. 

Note: If your creative contains any additional interactive elements like button rollovers, clickable elements like buttons, hotspots, etc, and requires more than 1 click tag then you will be required to include Innovid's Open Creative APIIncluding the functions from this API will disable the main click tag applied when uploading your creative to Innovid's platform so that your interactive elements remain interactive, clickable, and reportable. Or, if you'd like to include video assets in your display banner, please check out our page on Building Display Ads With In-Banner Video.

Additional Requirements: 

  • Make sure a 1px border or stroke is applied to all creatives - this is a requirement by all publishers and an IAB recommendation
  • Monitor file size and make sure that it adheres to IAB display specs
  • When implementing multiple click tags please make sure that any labels are named intuitively/readable for reporting purposes. The same goes for labeling any interactive events
  • Innovid does not require a backup/fallback image but a polite load image may be uploaded in the same dimensions as the ad size - 300x250, 728x90, 160x600, etc.
  • The polite image is loaded before the HTML content so only includes either the background image or the contents of the first frame before any animation


Innovid's Audio Ad Spec

Digital audio ads are usually 15 to 30 seconds long and are in many cases accompanied by a companion banner. By consolidating audio inventory with Innovid, clients enjoy a streamlined launch process and one unified platform to track all of their digital media. Innovid supports audio ad serving via a VAST tag. Where VAST tags are not accepted due to audio publisher limitations, Innovid is happy to implement 1x1s for clients to still see standard impressions, and in the case of companion banners, clicks. Innovid’s audio ad requirements and specs are as follows:

Audio Length: 

  • Innovid will flag any creative over 60 seconds in length as out of spec when uploaded to Innovid's platform.

File Type: 

  • Recommended: .mp3
  • Note: When Innovid is 3P serving audio via VAST tags, the platform will encode the tag to include both .mp3 and .ogg versions of the creative.

File Size: 

  • 6MB max

Audio Bitrate:

  • Through the trafficking process,  Innovid automatically encodes the audio file bitrate to 160 kbps once trafficked in a VAST tag.

Companion banners:

  • File type: .gif or .jpg
  • Dimensions of the creative depend on the spec required by the publisher. 
  • Note: If served as 1x1s, the client can provide the publisher the creative directly or Innovid can send it along with the 1x1 tracking. If served through VAST, Innovid will traffic the companion banner along with the audio assets(s).  


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