Implementing Google ADH Integration Labels

Description: Labels are a reporting element required for YouTube TrueView measurement via AdWords or DV360 with Innovid. The implementation of a label acts as a mapping mechanism to capture data on a creative level through Innovid's integration with Ads Data Hub. 

Innovid Labels are formatted as "iv_ph_"{unique identifier}, similarly to these examples:

  • iv_ph_1eg6hi
  • iv_ph_1ej6lo
  • iv_ph_1ejs4u

The unique identifier (ie: 1eg6hi) is specific to ad implemented in rotation within Innovid's platform. 

How To Apply Labels By Inventory

Implementation on Google AdWords

Innovid Labels in the tag sheet must be applied on the ad level

  • Each AdWords ad must have one (and only one) Innovid label attached to it.
  • Please do not apply labels at the campaign/AdGroup level.

Example of Innovid Labels applied on Google AdWords:



Implementation on DV360

Innovid labels are unique ID’s associated with each creative on a media plan. These labels allow Innovid to report on the creative level and match data to a media plan. To apply these labels, simply include the label in the creative name string when the creative is created in DV360.

As an example, if your creative name is “BRAND_AUDIENCE_FY18” , edit to include the provided Innovid label in the string. Example: “BRAND_AUDIENCE_FY18_iv_ph_12345”

Here is an example of an Innovid tag sheet including Labels:


For more information about AdWords labels and their use, see below:

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