Description: Onboarding with InnovidXP is fast, easy, and only takes a few steps! This article provides a quick overview of what to expect on the onboarding journey with InnovidXP, with links to relevant articles at each step. 

1  Set up tag data

  • Response tag: Our Sales team sends a response pixel/tag via email, and you must place this on all pages of the advertiser’s website. There is also an option to use the Innovid container tag.

  • Optional: Actions/KPIs/Conversions:
    Ensure you know precisely what you want to track and discuss with your Innovid representative.

    • You can capture visits to specific pages/URLs by indicating the KPI and corresponding URL to match.

    • To capture specific button clicks, e.g., ‘submit’, ‘add to cart’, and/or order IDs, subscriptions, or sales, action tags must be placed on the specific element that creates that action or conversion. You are responsible for setting this up, but our Support team can help if there are any implementation issues. This is usually set up at the same time as the response pixel.

See also Quick Tagging Guide.

2 Upload spot log files

You provide spot logs, and either you or your agency will upload them. Required fields include the date, time, the channel the spots air on, and the cost of impressions.

  • Optional: Integrate app data
    You can integrate InnovidXP with an app traffic analysis solution. The different app analytics integrations are listed in App Integrations.

  • Optional: Upload phone log files
    If you have specific phone numbers associated with particular stations, this information must also be detailed in the logs.
    You provide phone logs, and either you or your agency will upload them. Required fields are start date, time, and phone number.

Note: Try to include as much data in the logs as you can to ensure your attribution is as meaningful as possible. For example, if program-level detail and creative are included in your spot log file, you will be able to split the data by those dimensions in your analysis.

See also Uploading Spot Files.

3 Set up platform

Innovid will set up your XP platform. Once the response and action tags have been in place for 24 hours, Innovid may also confirm response volumes with you.

4 Check data quality

Attribution will run once the first week’s logs are uploaded. The Innovid team will check the quality of the results.

Note that we only QA the first set of results after onboarding. This check ensures that your results have the Innovid stamp of approval, and you can go ahead and optimize your next campaign.

See also Validating Your Data.

5 Analyze and optimize your data

See also Getting Started: Analyzing the Data.


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