InnovidXP Mapping Tool Overview

Description: This document provides an overview of the InnovidXP mapping tool and explains how to format and upload impression mapping files. 


InnovidXP’s mapping tool allows you to upload a mapping file to perform the following actions:

  • Rename values in a column: for example, change Publisher from "A" to "A&E".
  • Map IDs to labels in a column: for example, change Clock ID "2492843" to "Creative Name".
  • Insert a value where there is no value: for example, where PlacementGroup is blank, insert "Unknown" or "Other".
  • Discard impressions based on certain criteria: for example, discard all impressions with a null publisher, or discard all impressions with placementgroup "Fox", etc.
  • Indirectly rename impression fields: for example, rename the publisher field to "Discovery (Food & HGTV)" on all the impressions with network equal to a specific label.

How to format the impressions mapping file

The file must be a CSV file and must have the following fields populated:

Field Value
impression_type Type of impression, accepted value is “vod”.
impression_field Ordinal you want to rename, for example, “placementgroup”
field_value Existing value.
mapped_value New value.
discard_flag To discard the impressions associated with the field_value, insert “True”. Leave blank to keep those impressions.
date_from Start date for the new value to apply.
date_to End date for the new value to apply.
ordinal_to_rename_from Indirect ordinal to be matched.

Note: We advise you to upload files that reflect the actual start date from when you want to apply the change.

Use the following values to indicate the ordinal you would like changed:

  • placementgroup      
  • publisher           
  • channel                     
  • creative            
  • device_class
  • campaign        
  • network
Formatting Checklist
  • Make sure there are no extra columns, no blank rows between mapping rows and no duplicates in the file
  • Make sure the file is cumulative and includes ALL historical mappings
  • Include all required columns and make sure all columns have a header

Note: Go to Data > Impressions > Upload Impression Mappings File for more tips.



This is an example of a mapping file, details of changes required are shown below.

Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated

  • Row 2: Discard all impressions between 2020-06-18 and 2020-06-20 where the channel value is blank.
  • Row 3: Rename impressions where the placementgroup value is “{PLACEMENT_GROUP_ID}” with “April-nbc-009” for the range between 2020-06-01 and 2020-06-20.
  • Row 4: Discard impressions between 2020-06-18 and 2020-06-20 where the placementgroup value is “{PLACEMENT_GROUP_ID}”.
  • Row 6: Rename impressions where the publisher value is blank with “QuantumTv” for the range between 2020-06-05 2020-06-10.
  • Row 7: Rename the publisher value to 'Discovery (Food & HGTV)' on impressions where the network value is “75619” for the range between 2020-07-07 and 2020-08-08

How to upload an impression mapping file

Once you have a CSV file in the correct format, follow the steps to upload it and apply the changes.

  1. Select Data > Impressions > Upload Impression Mappings File.
  2. Select the mapping file and select Upload File.

Upload impression mappings file.png


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