Description: This article describes using InnovidXP with Barb, getting started with Barb, and completing a buy spec. Our Barb integration lets you save time and see your campaign results faster. The consolidated Barb data automatically uploads and processes overnight, so your platform will constantly be updated with the latest insights as your campaign progresses.

Getting Started

Getting started with Barb is simple, and because each advertiser is different, our integration is flexible.

To make sure it is configured correctly for you and so that we can overlay cost data onto your spots, we will send you a buy spec template to fill in before your campaign starts.

Here is a summary of the information you will need to enter:

Clock Numbers List the clock numbers for the creatives you want us to track, as found in the Barb data. You can give these descriptive names that will appear in the platform.
Clock Type Clock numbers can be grouped by giving each one a type, for example, “DRTV” or “Brand”.
Channel Groupings Commonly, many channels are bought on the same CPT terms. List the channels that you want to group, and you can give each group a descriptive name that will appear in the platform.
CPTs Specify the CPT and buying audience for each channel group and clock type combination. This allows channels to have multiple CPTs (cost per thousand) with different groups of clock numbers using different buying audiences.


You can provide individual costs if you buy specific spots outside these main CPT groupings. You can also provide the CPT for these spots so we can apply it based on the Barb audience.

Completing a buy spec template

This section describes how to complete a buy spec template so that you can integrate your InnovidXP platform with Barb and provides a list of what information InnovidXP requires and how to format it.

You must follow the following guidelines exactly and make sure you:

  • Provide all the information we need
  • Format the data correctly
Data Description Provided by
Channel groupings Groups of channels that have the same CPT applied and the custom group name Partner
Clocks Clock number
Clock name
Clock type (Brand or DRTV)
Cost per Thousand (CPT) CPT that should be applied for each channel grouping Partner
Bought audience The audience that each CPT applies to, e.g., ABC1 Adults Partner
Any other fields For example, Channel Group Name – can be used to filter the pivot tables Partner
Buy Spec template document
  • Innovid supplies a blank template
  • Enter the data into the template and send it back to Innovid at the following email:
Innovid + Partner


Formatting the data

Channel groups

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 10.21.07.png



  • Each channel group, represented by a single column, should represent a single CPT (Cost per Thousand) e.g., all channels in Group1 must have the same CPT
  • Group names are the headers of each column and can be attached to spots so that they can be used to filter and analyze results within pivot tables in the platform
  • One column for each group
  • Channels must be uniquely assigned to a group, i.e., each channel must only appear in one column


Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 10.25.46.png



  • Entries in the Clock column must contain the full 13-character clock number provided by Barb
  • Clock names are optional and can be used to filter and analyze results within the pivot tables in InnovidXP, e.g., sort by creative name
  • Clock type is used in the CPT records (see CPT below), and each clock number must only have one type applied


Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 10.30.24.png


  • For each channel group and clock type, you can specify the buying audience and CPT
  • The names in the Channel Group column must match those in the column headers in the Channel Groups sheet
  • The names in the Type column must match those in the Type column in the Clocks sheet
  • Bought Audience: the audience that the CPT applies to, e.g., ABC1 Adults
  • Row 1: Any brand Creative that airs on a channel belonging to Group1 will have a CPT of £15.69 applied against the audience ABC1 Adults.
  • Row 2: Any DRTV Creative that airs on a channel belonging to Group1 will have a CPT of £2.64 applied against the audience All Adults.
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