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DescriptionWe often get asked questions about our single sign-on approach. This article answers the most common queries and applies to Buy and Sell Side customers.

SSO is currently available to customers who typically have a large number of users accessing the InnovidXP platform. If you are interested in SSO for your business, please contact your Sales representative or submit a request via InnovidXP support.

Is there a mechanism within the email to grant access, or would the admin need to authenticate?

The email will contain a link to the new page that allows admins to grant/deny access. Admins will need to authenticate if they do not already have an active session within the platform.

Why we propose this approach: approval via email can be problematic; depending on the roles, clients will also need to be selected. It would also introduce a potential security risk as we would be offering a method of granting authorization without needing to be authorized by us (in the platform).

Does your solution enforce authentication via single sign-on only?

No, our SSO solution still lets users authenticate using a username and password.

Is there another email that is sent back to the first-time user after access is granted or will that be the responsibility of the admin?

Yes, we automatically send an email to the user that lets them know authorization has been granted and provides a link to access the platform.

Will our current authentication options still work?

No – any current credentials will no longer be active, and users must authenticate via the company option.

Can my advertisers still have access?

Yes. If you have two types of users, for example, employees and non-employees, the non-employees that need access, i.e., your advertisers, will still be able to authenticate as normal.

Does Innovid support other IdP solutions?

Currently, we only support OpenID Connect.

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